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Lake Erie Fishing Charters, Erieau, Ontario, Canada
Fish the Grand Central Basin of Lake Erie from the fishing village of Erieau for Walleye, Steelhead, Pickerel, Rainbow Trout and Salmon. Fish aboard 'HARPOON II', a 37ft custom built fishing charter boat with 13.5ft beam. Safe and stable with lots of room. One to ten anglers, fully equipped, Government Safety Inspected vessel and Certified local Captain. 6 or 8 hour charters.
We welcome experienced anglers and newcomers to the sport. Great adventure for families and friends. Everyone can participate.
Bring home the fish and the memories!
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Fish Report Under Construction

Fishing is Good

August 1 - A wet cool spring put everything behind a few weeks. The fish were slow starting but have been quite plentiful. Fish are being caught to the east, west and to the south - all over. Weather that affects the currents and thus the water temperatures seems to be the thing that activates the fish. We have been getting good numbers of both Steelhead (trout) and Walleye. Some days you get more of one than the other. August and September look good right now. 

June 18th - The fish are becoming active. Starting to get catches of both pickerel and trout about five miles out.

Fish Report 2010

This Year Its Warming Up Fast!

First, let us explain that walleye and pickerel as known at Erieau are the same. Pickerel is the Canadian name and walleye is the US name. The same is true for  rainbow trout and  steelhead  - steelhead being the US name. Many people get confused on this issue. Yes, there can be differences within species but for our purposes using walleye/pickerel or steelhead/rainbow trout generally gets the meaning across.

Exceptional warm weather has put the fish on the bite. Both pickerel and trout are now being caught off of Erieau. Looks like the numbers will steadily increase. Shaping up to be a great year!

The hot weather stayed all summer. The fishing was steady from mid June through to mid August and then the wind came. The second half of August was more difficult because of the wind but when we could get out we got into some nice pickerel.

Fish Report 2009

Cold Late Spring Changes the Patterns.

As the title indicates, 2009 was an exceptionally cold spring and early summer. The bite didn't get going until end of June / early July. Normally, we get good numbers of trout starting the first week or two of June. However, once on the bite, the fish were plentiful July thru mid September.

For 2010, we expect a more normal year for weather and look to see good action start by the second week of June. We will try and keep you posted. Don't forget that the Fish Tournament is on Jun 27 to Jul 11. Great fun, $3000 first prize for both pickerel and trout/salmon. 

Fish Report 2008

Bill with Erieau Fishing Tournament
Winning King Salmon

Eric with Erieau Fishing Tournament Winning
Steelhead (Jr Prize)

Walleye a little bigger, Steelhead a little meaner.

Cold spring delayed the start until the second week of June. The steelhead (rainbow trout) started schooling up in front of the harbour and we were landing good catches of 8-12 nice fish. Picked up some walleye (pickerel) that were still hanging around the spawning beds that are both to the west and around the point to the east of Erieau. Some big walleye were lurking about.

During the first two weeks of July is the Erieau Fishing Tournament. The steelhead continue to be active and the bigger schools of walleye have migrated to the area. Real nice catches of 4-5 lb walleye. Took the winning Junior prize for Salmon (Trout) and the Grand prize for biggest Salmon - a 16.7 lb King. A real thrill to hook on to a big King. Some 8-10 lb walleye were also landed. Great action. Good numbers of walleye in the second half of July.

In August the action continues. Massive schools of smelt attract hungry predator steelhead and walleye. Abundant  forage held the fish relatively close to Erieau. Trolling through a school of steelhead in a feeding frenzy can be quite an experience. The action continued through Labour Day.  

The thing about Erieau is that the fish are quite abundant from June through September. Normally we fish within 10 miles from the harbour with the average in 2008 being about 6 miles. More time fishing, less time traveling. Weather can affect the bite from day to day but overall Erieau has proven to be very productive over thw whole season. And the fish are excellent eating quality.

Fish Report - 2007

Walleye and Steelhead, good eating, great action!

The water warmed up early and we got off to a great start. Locally spawning walleye became active on the first weekend of June. A young lady from Michigan caught a nice nine pounder along with good numbers of screaming steelhead. The steelhead (rainbow trout) coming out of the cooler water are plumb crazy and it takes a very steady hand to keep them on the hook. Jump, twist, fly .... and sometimes - goodbye. Great action only a few miles out of the harbour.

More walleye were tasting spoons as the month progressed. Steelhead continue to be eating ferociously. Continue to get mixed catches of walleye and steelhead - makes a real nice box of fish. Weather has been great. A great start to another great season. Expect the big schools of walleye to start showing up about mid July.

The big schools of Western Basin walleye they're way to the cooler waters off of Erieau. Good catches of 2-3 lb walleye for the table. Steelhead going strong. Winds of mid August flipped the lake and scattered the fish a bit but we kept on them.

Another great season. Population of both walleye and steelhead look good for next year. That massive 2003 class of walleye just keeps coming...should be in the 4-5 lb range for 2008.

Fish Report - 2006

A great year for walleye and steelhead. The 2003 class of walleye made their appearance and will keep on coming.


Got started mid June. Steelhead going good just a few miles out of the harbour. We were getting 6-12 on a trip, great action. Some of the older, bigger, walleye were also landed but have been spread out. Steelhead action continues.


Good numbers of steelhead landed. Great action. July 17th, WOW, the 2003 massive class of walleye moved in about 7 miles west of Erieau. Real nice 2-3 pounders. Steelhead still in the area. The fishing is great and expect the walleye to slowly move eastward out in front of Erieau. Haven't seen this number of walleye in 7-8 years - this is great! Should be good for the rest of the summer.


The great fishing continues! The fish, both steelhead and walleye, have been moving around but manage to keep a bead on them. Been traveling anywhere from 5-15 miles. Need to know the local info to keep on them. Some great catches including numerous limits.


Big blow hit over Labour Day weekend.... scattered the fish and flipped the lake. Best to get here before the big end of summer blow.

A visitor from downunder

Landed a nice pickerel.

Both hands full!

Nice mix of walleye and steelhead.

Great trout action!

Scott comes every year for some great action.

Trout and Walleye...a good feast!

Ruth got into that 2003 class of Walleye...fill that cooler!

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